kedd, július 08, 2003

Megtalaltam a legviccesebb blogot, amit valaha lattam. Nem linkelek ra, inkabb csak idezek:

As part of the dating product we're building, we have a bunch of people entering in fake profiles. Each profile includes a picture of the person who is supposed to have filled in this profile, and the people have to come up with a bunch of text to match the photo.

I have no idea where these photos come from. Some of the photos are really, really strange. There's one where a naked woman is standing on a ladder with her ass sticking out. I mean, how do you come up with a title for that one? We were throwing ideas back and forth.

"I do it on the third step."

"Aluminum is okay but wood makes me hot!"

"10-footers only! No step ladders!"

Then there was the picture of this chick kissing a seal. That one is just way too easy.

The real prize for me was the one that was just a huge closeup of a vagina. Now, that is certainly nothing new or exciting, but the person writing the profile was shaking their head.

"What do I put, 'I have blonde hair and blue eyes'? This is stupid!"

I laughed for a good 5 minutes on that one.